Working Remote In The Wild

During the Corona pandemic working remote became standard for, more or less, anyone who had the chance. In the beginning no one knew for how long but now, many weeks later, we know that it will probably be for quite some time. This sudden change in work life has both its pro’s and con’s. But how well does it work to grab your computer and head out in the nature for the day?

Four main findings were identified after been working in the wild.

1. Connectivity
In most cases you need to have access to internet. Make sure you have network access were you plan to camp for the day.

2. Battery
You will most likely use a laptop and then you are fully dependent on the battery life. So make sure you have good (and fully charged) batteries.

3. Ergonomics
When working in the wild you need to be somewhat creative when finding a good working position. Have to try to make the best of the situation when lacking office chairs and proper desktops.

4. Temperature
When sitting in front of a computer you don’t move around at all and quickly get cold if the weather is chilly or if there is a slight breeze. Dress accordingly.