The Scandinavian Wilderness is for everyone to explore. Hike or ski the mountains depending which season. Enjoy the midnight sun or the aurora. Kayak the archipelago or the Norwegian fjords. Get away in a canoe in the thousands of lakes. There is something for everyone in the Scandinavian Wilderness.


  • Scandinavia is wild. The four least populated countrys in Europe based on population density is Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden. This means that there is lots of remote wilderness to explore and no crowd.
  • Freedom to explore. In the Scandinavian countrys we have the law Freedom To Roam. There is small differences between the countrys but it basically means that you can explore and camp anywhere you want without the need to ask for permission.
  • Easy accessible. Event though the Scandinavian Wilderness is remote it is still quite accessible. The Scandinavian countrys generally have good infrastructure. For example, one of the most famous hiking trails in Scandinavia , Kungsleden (Kings Trail) starts at the Abisko train station which has daily connections with Stockholm.



Ugglekojan is a small cabin in Paradiset nature reserve that is open for the public to use and free of charge. The cabin is a leftover from a Sami village that was built here in the mid 50’s. The Sami village is long gone but the cabin is still standing strong. Inside the cabin you …