Worlds Most Exclusive Cabin?

On a small island far out in the Sankt Anna archipelago is a small unassuming cottage. A first glance at the king’s hunting lodge on Melskär does not give a remarkable impression. But when you learn a little more, you realize that this cottage is probably unique and unparalleled in Sweden and perhaps the whole world.

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What makes this cottage so special? Above all, it is for the reason that it is completely free to live and use the cottage. There are plenty of cottages in Sweden that are open to the public and free to use but few on their own island in a beautiful archipelago. But the big difference compared to other cottages is that this must be booked, which means that you will have the cottage completely to yourself. This is what makes the cottage unique and it is likely that there is no equivalent anywhere else. To add a little extra spice to the already exclusive stamp, the cottage is owned by the Swedish king. Since the standard of the cottage is not exactly royal, it is instead open to the public to use.

Inside the cottage there is a bed and an extra mattress that you can lay on the floor. The cottage is not large so it is not recommended to sleep more than two people. There is also a fireplace and a small table. Outside there is a fireplace where you can barbecue and firewood is provided free of charge.

Melskär at night

The island Melskär on which the cottage is located is not large and you explore the island quickly. But there are hundreds of islands to explore in the Sankt Anna archipelago and it is a paradise for kayaking. The island is already far out in the sea belt but there are some islands further out if you really want to go out to sea and explore. There is also a seal protection area here and there are plenty of seals around Melskär. In the evening you can hear the seals singing and there is a rich wildlife on and around the island.

Kayaking in Sankt Anna’s archipelago

The king’s hunting lodge on Melskär is a treasure that few know about. To book the cottage, you must contact the county administrative board (länsstyrelsen) in Östergötland to see if it is available on the days you intend to use the cottage.