Koppången Nature Reserve

A short drive north of Orsa lies Koppången nature reserve which is famous for its mires and old forest. The nature reserve is in the highlands so it gets more snow compared to Orsa just 30 minutes away. This makes it a popular winter destination and the snow is usually still present in May. Dogsled is a popular activity here as well as exploring the area with cross country skis.

In the heart of the reserve you find the cabin of Blomtäkt. It is open for everyone and a perfect place to rest and warm up at the fire place. Firewood is provided but you should chop your own firewood. It is also possible to stay for the night in the cabin and it is free of charge. It is not possible to book in advance so it’s a first come first served basis.

Koppången is probably most famous for its winter activities could be visited any part of the year. This area holds one of Scandinavias largest bear population and bear is frequently spotted in the area.