Ugglekojan is a small cabin in Paradiset nature reserve that is open for the public to use and free of charge. The cabin is a leftover from a Sami village that was built here in the mid 50’s. The Sami village is long gone but the cabin is still standing strong. Inside the cabin you find two bunks for sleeping, a small table and a fire stove that makes the cabin nice and cosy regardless of the weather outside. Firewood is provided, also free of charge, but the wood supply can be empty if you are unlucky.

Video from Ugglekojan

Scandinavia is full of cabins like Ugglekojan that are open to the public to use free of charge. Ugglekojan is a bit speciell since it is so close to Stockholm. Most of the cabins are situated in the northern parts of the country but you can find some in the southern parts as well.

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Paradiset Nature Reserve – Wilderness Near Stockholm

Stockholm is Scandinavians largest city but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find some wilderness adventures. Paradiset nature reserve is one of those places where one can find beautiful nature and feel the silence, only 20 km from Stockholm city center.

There are many walking trails in Paradiset so it is easy to explore. Or why not just go off the beaten path and you will be all by yourself. Because Paradiset is quite well visited, especially during the day. The lakes are natural spots both for daytrippers as well as for overnighters.

Lake Trehörningen

At lake Trehörningen or Långsjön there are shelters that are free to use to spend the night in. There are also fireplaces here , normally firewood is provided, but can’t be guaranteed. At lake Trehörningen there is also a small cabin, Ugglekojan, which is free for everyone to use. The cabin is small and only two bunks where you can sleep. There is also a small fire stove so the potential cold nights wont be a problem. Note that the cabin can’t be booked so it is a first come, first serve basis. So don’t rely that the cabin will be empty.


In the bordering nature reserve Tornberget you find Stockholm highest point. This stand at just 111 meters above the sea so it’s a quite modest peak. However, a lookout tower has been built to provide a nice view. There are trails leading from Paradisets main parking to reach the tower.

Forest in Paradiset